Weekly Journal Entry #14: The Burial

Chieko manages to invite her troops, Atsushi, Hikaru, and Chieko’s cousins to her grandfathers burial and manages to get a priest to do the service and honors.  They all dress in their ninja outfits and take turns taping a rose head onto the casket.  While the priest is reading prayers from the bible, Chieko manages to cry while Atsushi hugs her and comforts her.  The priest makes the sign of the cross and manages to lower the casket into the ground that was dug up ahead of time before the service.  While the priest reads more prayers everyone throws a rose onto the casket and then they each take a shovel and bury Chieko’s grandfather.  Atsushi writes a nice note about how amazing Chieko grandfather was then made Chieko feel good about herself and to live life to the fullest.


Weekly Journal Entry #13: The Celebration

Chieko, Atsushi, Hikaru, the troops, and Chieko’s cousin all go to a bar to celebrate their achievement and manage to live life to the fullest proud and confidentially.  Chieko pays for the drinks and the food for Atsushi, Hikaru, her troops and her cousin and they manage to celebrate Chieko’s accomplishment.  When her cousin thanks her for rescuing her, she asks what Chieko is going to do.  She invites Atsushi and her cousin to live with her where her grandfather grew up in to care for the both of them for the rest of her life.  Atsushi’s father agrees and allows his son to move out of his father’s kingdom and into Chieko’s grandfather’s house.  When Chieko is done, she says her goodbye’s to her troops who go their separate ways and continue to train hard and fight against any miscellaneous samurai’s who try to steal Chieko’s grandfathers recipes.  She manages to make her own vault and moves in to the suspects kingdom instead of her grandfathers house and manages to call the real estate agent to put her grandfathers house on the market and to sell his furniture and treasuries.

Weekly Journal Entry #12: Mission #6; The Final Assassination

Chieko wakes up startled the next morning noticing that the suspect is out of his kingdom.  She immediately goes up to the computer and zooms in on what the suspect is doing.  She notices that he goes into her cousins drug shop and right away calls in Atsushi and Hikaru and her army.  They come in and realize what the suspect is doing.  Everyone sets out into town to stop the suspect so that Chieko can save her cousin which is the only family she has left.  She then realizes that the suspects army is assassinated and his guards too and says to her troops and Atsushi and Hikaru that this is her chance finishing him off and saving her cousin and bringing her back to live with her in her hometown. Chieko goes with her army to finish him off and Chieko immediately kicks the suspect right in the nose breaking it.  As he falls to the ground she right away takes all his money and weapons and manages to finish him off.  Everyone is circled around Chieko and the suspect and Chieko puts the sword blade into his heart and then rescues her cousin

Weekly Journal Entry #11: Mission #5; The Heist

Chieko wakes up and sounds the alarm at around nine thirty am waking up Atsushi, Hikaru, and her troops.  She tells them through the speaker announcer from the microphone and instructs them into the dining area so she can go over their fifth mission. Chieko writes up on the smartboard what their next mission was which is a heist.  Chieko explained what a heist is which is a robbery.  Chieko tells her troops that one of them has to rob the suspects vault which has the very last important valuable that she desperately needs.  It’s a huge real Japanese painting from World War Two.  Chieko and Atsushi are the only two to go do this dangerous heist by themselves while being invisible.  They wait by nightfall and make sure they see the suspect go to bed and wait an hour and a half to make sure that he’s asleep.  Chieko realizes that he has lasers connected all around his kingdom which sets off an alarm signaling that an intruder is trespassing.  Chieko and Atsushi find away to hack into the suspects security system and managed to shut down everything.  Atsushi made sure that there wasn’t anything else that would startle the sleeping suspect.  When Atsushi signaled Chieko that it was all good and clear, they ended up going together using the invisibility jutsu power they managed to quietly break and entry and walk right into the vault to take the painting.  Atsushi with all his muscle took the painting and helped Chieko get out quietly without waking everyone up.  Making a safe and stealthy escape, Chieko and Atsushi turn invisible and make a run for it.  Once they get back to base safely, they immediately hide the painting and manage to turn back on the suspects security system.

Weekly Journal Entry #10: Chieko and Atsushi’s First Kiss

After celebrating for two hours straight, Chieko and Atsushi decide to hangout by themselves for the rest of the evening bonding more and getting to know each other more. Chieko takes out some pot and a bong with a lighter.  Atsushi put a big smile on his face and realized that her grandfather was in charge of making the food the right way where it wouldn’t get him into trouble.  Chieko laughed at the serious comment Atsushi said and agreed and realized what the suspect is doing is illegal and putting some dangerous risks on himself.  When Chieko took the first hit, she held her breath for a few seconds and then exhaled correctly.  Atsushi grins and takes the second hit while hearing one of his favorite bands play on Chieko’s iphone that’s plugged into a mini ipod docker.  While being on a low key Atsushi realizes he’s high already and kisses Chieko immediately.  Chieko giggles and blushes at the same time kissing him back laying on her back while he’s on his stomach.  They laugh for awhile then take more hits.  While keeping quiet they continue kissing and taking hits.  Chieko takes out two bottles of Japanese beer and opens both of them and hands one to Atsushi.  He takes three sips and then takes another hit from the bong and another sip of the beer.  Chieko and Atsushi spend some fun time with each other for a couple of hours until they are really goofy and out of it and Chieko and Atsushi walk back to the base and end up in bed being intimate together.

Weekly Journal Entry #9: Mission#4; The Assassination Game

Chieko tells all her students to not skip all their meals but to sleep half the day to build up their strength for their fourth mission.  She names this fourth mission game “The Assassination Manhunt Game”.  The rules of this game is to assassinate each regime soldier that is securing the suspects kingdom and to avoid getting their heads chopped off. She then gives her students some swords and nunchucks and some throwing knives for protection and attacking the samurai soldiers.  Atsushi is the only one up for the day and was training with his father the half of the day and was heading towards the shower when he saw Chieko sleeping on the bed with her powerful and heavy swords next to her.  He managed to give her his old one that looked fresh and brand new and left it by the edge of her bed.  Once he left she woke up and noticed the sword and him.  While thanking him she told him to close the door and stay for a bit.  He did and she discussed that this was going to be a bloody and dangerous battle and gave him a heads up that half of her troops are going to get assassinated tonight and tells him how worried and scared she is about her troops getting killed.  Atsushi calms her down by telling her that he’ll keep reminding all of them to turn invisible and to stay hidden up high on the treetops and reminds her to remind them to constantly do that.  Chieko takes deep breaths, says okay, and gets up to get ready for the fourth mission game.  Atsushi leaves the room to get ready also and they go together to make a few announcements to their students.  Hikaru joins in on the conversation and recommends more suggestions about how to dodge every samurai’s moves and teaches them last minute on how to jump high, flip backwards, and forwards, and how to slice correctly.  Afterwards Chieko and Atsushi turn off the forcefield and get ready for battle.  While everyone waits on top of treetops for the army to arrive, they stay invisible for hours and hear them scream from a far away distance.  Once Chieko sees one, she signals them by gliding from rooftop to rooftop and slicing each and every one of the soldiers heads off without hesitating.  Chieko manages to kill half the army while her’s is behind her following everyone of her moves.  When she is visible, she continues to attack more and more soldiers and takes their weapons and takes turns using each of them.  Hours pass by and it begins to rain hard.  Chieko and her army manage to assassinate all of them successfully.  When Chieko realizes that her army is still alive, she smiles and gets more confident by the hours.  When it’s game over for the suspects army, Chieko and her army all go back to their bases and shower and dress nicely to go out and celebrate all their completed missions they’ve done so far.

Weekly Journal Entry #8: Tall Tales

Chieko tells some hilarious tall tales from when she was a child.  She talks about stories her ancestors have told her which she is now sharing with the students and Atsushi and Hikaru.  Chieko talks about the wars that she experienced when she was a toddler and explained how some of her ancestors left her family to fight against the samurai’s to protect their families and their treasures.  She tells how much she really adored her family and was really upset when she watched her entire family die with her own eyes and was the only survivor and that today she is really mad and is ready to defeat the boss with her troops and Atsushi who she knew not well though since high school.  They all understand what she went through and continue to help her out on the missions she assigns and wont let them give up on her.  The tall tales are all about how her ancestors fought the war and tried really hard staying alive and accomplishing their missions that their majesties assigned and how it surprisingly failed and they tried protecting themselves but realized they were weak and the enemy was stronger than them and ended up completing the mission for them.  Chieko tells them how good her ancestors were with their jut-sue powers and how hard they worked at accomplishing their powers.  The tall tales she tells are legendary and her students listen carefully and take notes on the strategies she tells them and how genetic they can be from one child to another.  Her students jot down a lot of notes and take the rest of their common hours to study them hard and train in their rooms by themselves.  Afterwards everyone locks up and goes to bed.  Chieko and Atsushi spend quiet time locking all the doors and windows and making sure the forcefield is up and secure so that none of the regime solider’s intrude in on them.

Weekly Journal Entry #8: Mission #3: The Pickpocketing Game

Chieko comes into the dinning hall in a confident and sophisticated mood with Atsushi who is the first one to know about the third mission/game from her.  She calls it the “Pickpocketing Game”.  The rules on this game is about all the students including Chieko, Atsushi, and Hikaru being invisible the entire time pickpocketing all of the different shaped keys that unlock the doors to more vaults where Chieko’s ancestors treasures were stolen.  The mission is to grab all twenty keys from the guards and unlock all twenty vaults to steal back the treasures that belong to Chieko.  She tells her team to separate because it’s easier and faster if everyone is scattered the mission would get done a lot faster.  Chieko and Atsushi turn invisible and stick together and start to bond more and begin to like each other more than friends with each other.  Hikaru notices and leaves them alone for a couple of hours and stays invisible on a treetop and watches Chieko and Atsushi do their mission.  Couple of hours pass and Chieko and Atsushi and the students accomplish the third mission and go back to the base to eat and shower and to get ready for their meeting with Chieko who tells them their next assignment and mission.

Weekly Journal Entry #8: Mission #2: Tachikawa Hide and Seek

Chieko, Atsushi, and Hikaru land safely and quietly in their disguise outfits at the Tachikawa airport.  The students follow behind them with a serious look on their faces making the other people look at them and say to themselves that they aren’t a threat and that they are going to stop their government from harming innocent women who try their best at what they do with their jobs.  Once they make their way towards Chieko’s second kingdom, she assigns her students where to sit and demands her maids to make them a dinner meal and to give them water.  She seats them in alphabetical order and stands up at the podium and begins talking about their next mission which will start early in the morning.  Chieko goes over the rules on how to attack a regime guard without getting their heads sliced off. She gives out strategies on how to avoid them by climbing high up in the trees and quietly gliding from rooftop to rooftop without falling and killing yourself.  The strategy on how to do this difficult mission is to use the invincible jut-sue power.  Chieko shows her students how to do it correctly after their dinner and trains them in one night to get them ready for the morning.  When morning arrives, Chieko calls her game “Tachikawa Hide and Seek”.  She gives out the rules on how to play and assigns each team a different jut-sue power and an assignment on which item to collect from the regime guards.  The students get cocky and confident and end up succeeding their second mission without getting their heads sliced off.  Hikaru manages to be invisible the entire game with Atsushi because they trained themselves on how to gain that power together and Chieko allowed them to use their own power.  While they continue to succeed their mission, the suspect doesn’t realize that he’s being under attack.  He is too busy keeping his girlfriends busy and entertaining them.  In the meantime, Atsushi is the first one there to find what the suspect is doing and manages to get inside the kingdom.  Chieko gains the premonition power and finds where Atsushi is and commands him to find the vault immediately and to get there without his invisibility timer running out inside his white blood cells.  As fast as he can, Atsushi gets inside the vault and gathers all of the recipes and treasures from Chieko’s ancestors and quickly glides from rooftop to rooftop back to base and Chieko automatically tells her students that they won the game and to safely get back to base immediately.  The students come back and they end up showering and spend the common hours talking about different stories to each other.

Weekly Journal Entry #7: Mission One; Leaving Kunatachi Tokyo

The first mission arrives and Chieko gets her students ready by gearing up into armor and their ninja outfits and giving them each an assignment on what to do first, which is to distract each communist security guard who are trying to stop citizens from leaving the city because of the law that their government gave orders which is to stay and go to school and to work on their families farms and give him their paycheck so he can tax them and all.  Chieko manages to get her students to escape by distracting the guards and making the plane fly away in the sky without getting stopped or chased.  When she manages to take off while her students are distracting the guards and the government, Chieko, Atsushi, and Hikaru take flight successfully into the sky and continue to instruct their students on what to do.  Chieko tells her students that there is a line of planes waiting for them already at the Kunatachi airport and that their goal is to get to the airport without getting thrown into jail by the guards.